Enamel anti rust

Easy application with brush, roller or airless.
High protection against corrosion.
Saving time on labor.
Water based ( non inflammable ).
Directly without primer, on top of iron and galvanized steel.
Guarantee: 10 years ( dried film of 175 microns ).


A new concept against corrosion

Long-lasting water-based anti rust system (ecological).
Quick & easy application (lowers cost).
100% impermeable (stops penetration of dampness).
Highly resistant to impacts.
Extremely flexible 200% (stops cracking and peeling).
Complete adherence to any surface (stops rust spreading).
Highly resistant to sea mist.
Environmentally-friendly (no lead).
Inflammable (water-based)Incorporates high quality anticorrosion pigments.
Minimum surface preparation (St2).
Highly suited to metal roofing, port cranes, lighthouses, metallic bridges, silos and pylons, etc. Lasts up to 10 years.