A new concept against corrosion

Long-lasting water-based anti rust system (ecological).
Quick & easy application ( lowers cost).
100% impermeable (stops penetration of dampness).

Highly resistant to impacts.
Extremely flexible 200% (stops cracking and peeling).
Complete adherence to any surface (stops rust spreading).

Highly resistant to sea mist.
Environmentally-friendly (no lead).
Inflammable (water-based).
Incorporates high quality anticorrosion pigments.

Minimum surface preparation (St2).
Highly suited to metal roofing, port cranes, lighthouses, metallic bridges, silos and pylons, etc. Lasts up to 10 years.

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Epoxy for high performance walls & floors

Diluted with water (no solvents & odourless).
Exceptional hardness (weight loss after 1000 cycles: 60mg/CS10, load 1000gr).
Easy to clean (low maintenance).
Excellent adherence to any surface or material.
Highly-suited to food industry, hospitals, kitchens, schools, cellars, deposits, wells, operating theatres, laboratories, white rooms, power stations or high performance walls & floors.


Seamless, cement-based wall to floor coverings for exclusive designs

Water diluted.
Open continuous spaces.
Highly recommendable for rehabilitation work.
Quick & clean to use.
No cracks.
Minimal maintenance.
Excellent adherence to all surfaces & materials.

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Vertical Waterproofing

Waterproofing for all types of walls and façades

Highly elastic (500%) even at low temperatures.
Excellent resistance to saltpetre and carbonatation.
Very permeable to water vapour.
Covers over cracks and fissures.
Suitable for any surface (concrete, plaster, bricks, etc).

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